F.O.L 1161
notice! 11/06/2011
hey, it's Fire! just to let you know that i will be working a diffrent system now. every other week i will post one diffrent story, most likely the portal since i'm really into that one. thanks for your patience in waiting for my stories, i will post the next chapter sometime this week. Thanks for supporting me!
HelloHelloHello! 09/02/2011
Hey, it's Fire! Just to tell you, I have sucessfully started typing the 3rd chapter of, you guessed it, THE PORTAL!!!! I've also started writing the fourth chapter. This is when the outsiders characters actually come in, so yay for me! And yay for you guys too if you're as crazy of a greaser fangirl as I am. Yeah, I'd consider myself a greaser... so all you socfans just lay off plz... thankyouverymuch. Although greasers are smokers drinkers and so, I'd much rather be a Ponygreaser, which is, a Ponyboy-style greaser. (Smart,nice and a love of books! :D)  Anyhoo, I'm planning on making a fire fan page on facebook. I'll post the link on here once I've actually made the site... Untill then, ride a cowboy, eat lots of chocolate and hug a hobo! :D
Hey, I'm back! 07/26/2011
Hey, It's Fire! I'm so so so sorry I've been away from you guys for too long and will now take full responsability for my website. Unfortunately, my laptop is dead and I won't be able to post stuff as much... Anyhoo, I've started writing fanfictions on Maximum Ride, a series written by James Patterson that Icy introduced to me at the end of the school year. I've just started writing chapter 4 of 'the portal' and I promise to finish it A.S.A.P Also, keep an eye open for the first chapter of 'Survival 101' and my two Maximum ride fanfictions: 'We met in New York' and 'My life is here'. Thanks for waiting ever-so-patiently for me in my blog and stories. Also, I'll be publishing more of Fire's history on my other website: www.fireauraashes.weebly.com
Hey, it's Fire. I'm sorry I haven't posted chapter 4 of 'the portal'. I lent my laptop to someone who needed it when he went to Manitoba. I'll be gone for the week on my end-of-the-year trip to Quebec and won't be able to post anything. I'm also starting a new story called 'Survival 101'. I'll give you a summary when i post the first chapter...
BoReD 05/04/2011
Hey peeps! It's Fire. School has started to become boring and I don't know what to do about it. I've posted a link to my youtube account and to my friend, Icy's, two websites. (and my friend, Bubbles!) Please enjoy the new enhancements. I've started writing chapter three of 'The Portal' and expecting it to be done in no more than a week. Thanks for commenting and everything else!:D
The elections 05/03/2011
Hey, it's Fire. The elections were yesterday. My class actually got to vote! So happy, yet so sad.Stephen Harper won the elections... again. I wanted the NDP to win but whatever. I also posted my second chapter of "The Portal" So feel free to read that too. I'm working on my third chapter so look out for that as well!
First Chapter! 04/28/2011
Hi! It's Fire writing to tell you that I just posted the first chapter of my story. Please comment and check it out!:D